This page describes the ZUAR policy for maintaining customer data for hosted products.

Data Retention During Product Subscription Period

Zuar products can house customer specific data in a database (typically PostgreSQL) and/or in files on disk on their product server.

Prior to the end of a product subscription period, the customer has options for backup up data:

  • The customer has full access to pull data from their product and store it in any way they see fit using whatever tools they see fit.
  • The customer can request (for an additional fee) that Zuar backup and send data from their product server to the customer directly.

Data Retention After Product Subscription Cancellation

After the subscription period ends, the customer can request a one time backup of any data or customer specific configuration files stored on the product server.

As a general practice, the customer's product instance is backed up and stored for up to 60 days after the end of a cancelled subscription period. At the end of this 60 day period, all infrastructure and data related to the cancelled subscription are terminated. The customer can request the server be terminated at any point before the end of this 60 day period.