Mitto's extract job type refreshes a Tableau Extract on Tableau Server or Tableau Online

The Tableau Extract Refresh plugin creates a Mitto job that refreshes a Tableau Extract on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. The Tableau Extract can either be an extract embedded in a workbook or a published data source.

The main use case for this job type is to add this job to the end of a Mitto sequence. This way the Tableau data is refreshed immediately after the data is refreshed in Mitto.

The Tableau Extract Refresh plugin uses the Tableau Rest API to essentially press the "Run Now" button:

Tableau Steps

  1. Publish a Tableau workbook with an embedded extract or publish an extract as a published data source.
  2. Set an extract refresh schedule. In order to refresh a Tableau Extract, the extract must have a refresh schedule. Best practice here is to set an infrequent refresh schedule (e.g. once a month) so the Mitto triggered extract refresh doesn't conflict with the Tableau refresh schedule.

How to Create an Extract Job via Wizard

Click +Add Job.

Choose "Tableau Extract Refresh".

Fill in the form.

  • Server URL - This is the "base" URL of your Tableau Server/Online. In these examples, the Server URL is in bold: and
  • User Name - This is your Tableau Server/Online username.
  • Password - This is your Tableau Server/Online password.
  • Site - This is your Tableau Server/Online site. For Tableau Server's default site you can leave this field blank (e.g. Tableau Online always has a site. In these examples, the Site is in bold: and  

Click Next.

Pick a Tableau extract from the dropdown list.

The naming convention for the dropdown list is as follows:

{name of extract} [{type of extract - workbook or datasource}] {schedule}

So in the example screenshot above, the Tableau extract is named "test_extract", the extract is embedded in a workbook, and the schedule is "End of the month".

Click Next.

Give the job a title.

Best practice is to title the job as follows:

[Tableau Extract Refresh] {name of extract} [{type of extract - workbook or datasource}] {schedule}

So using our example above, we would title the job [Tableau Extract Refresh] test_extract [workbook] End of the month.

Click Done.

Extract Job Templates

Examples of Mitto extract jobs and associated credential examples can be found in Zuar's Github repo mitto-job-templates.

Extract API Documentation

See the Mitto extract job API documentation for all of the job configuration options and associated credential configuration options.


Changing the refresh schedule on an existing Tableau extract will break the corresponding Mitto job. Simply go through the job wizard again and recreate the job.

When a Tableau Extract Refresh job succeeds, the command to refresh the extract was sent to Tableau Server/Online. Mitto does not know if the extract job succeeded or failed on the Tableau side.