Swimlanes is a visual representation of every job run in Mitto.

Similar information about job runs can be found on the History page.

Understanding Swimlanes

The Swimlanes visual is a Gantt chart.

Summary Metrics

Across the top of the Swimlanes are summary metrics for the filtered results:

  • Number of jobs run in the period
  • Number of job runs in the period (each job can be run run more than once)
  • Percentage of job runs OK (completed successfully)


Each "row" represents an individual job that ran in the filtered Time Range.

Job Runs

Each bar represents an individual run of a job.

The length of the bar is the duration of the job run (end time - start time).'

Each bar is colored based on that job run's status:

  • Green - OK
  • Red - Failed
  • Blue - Running

Swimlanes Actions


Filter the Swimlanes by Time range.

Filter the Swimlanes by job run Status.


Hover over any bar to see more information about the job run.


Click on any job title to go directly to the job's page.

Click on any job run to go directly to that job run's page.