The QuickBooks Online plugin enables Mitto to pipe data from QuickBooks Online and store the data in a database.


The QuickBooks Online API requires username and password authentication. During the initial setup you will be redirected to Intuit's login page to authenticate and authorize Mitto with QuickBooks Online.

Steps to create QuickBooks Online jobs in Mitto

Select Add Job at the bottom left of Mitto. Select QuickBooks Online from the list of plugins.

If you have a sandbox QuickBooks Online account, check the Sandbox box. Click Next.

You will be redirected to an Intuit login page. Sign in with your QuickBooks Online administrator account.

Accept the authorization to allow Mitto to connect to the QuickBooks Online API.

On the next screen you will see a list of all the QuickBooks Online API objects that Mitto has access to. Mitto will create a job for each object. Click Next.

Specify which database you would like to pipe the QuickBooks Online data into.

  • Local Database: Mitto's internal PostgreSQL database
  • Custom: Any external database. See database URLs for more information.

Click Save.

Congratulations! You have just added QuickBooks Online jobs to Mitto. Next, you will want to run and schedule your newly created QuickBooks Online sequence.