You can have Mitto notify you on the status of your job.

1. Navigate to Settings on the left hand panel. Learn more about the Settings page.

2. Click on Configure.

3. The Messaging section is where you set your notifications.

  • State: This is where you can either enable or disable notifications.
  • Recipient(s): Enter in the email address of the person(s) that will be receiving these notifications. Separate different email addresses with a comma. Any email listed in here will receive a notification.
  • Default level: Choose either None, All, or Errors Only for when you will be notified. With None, you will not be notified at all for any status of your job. All is the exact opposite. Choosing this will notify you of any status. Errors Only will notify you when there is an error in your job run. This is turned off by default so you only get notifications when you specify it on jobs.
  • Templates: Shows how your notification message is encoded. This is an advanced feature. Do not modify this unless specified.

The section below the Messaging section is the Navigation section. Learn more about custom navigation.