Due to Mitto's single tenant architecture, each individual Mitto server can be hosted by Zuar or self-hosted by the customer (in the cloud or on-premise).

Zuar Hosted Mitto

Zuar hosts Mitto for customers in either AWS or Digital Ocean. Mitto therefore benefits from the security of each of these cloud platforms:

Mitto enforces two-factor authentication (2FA):

  • Network access is controlled through IP allow lists. Therefore only specific, pre-defined users can access the Mitto admin interface or Mitto's internal PostgreSQL database.
  • Admin and database authentication (see authentication section below)

Self-hosted Mitto

For self-hosted Mitto, either in the cloud or on-premise, Mitto can be deployed in any way the customer chooses to match their security requirements. Mitto simply becomes another component in a security setup that the user has developed.

SSL Certificates

In all cases, SSL is used to protect all web traffic between a user's browser and the Mitto user interface.