MJ Freeway exposes analytics data to clients via Qlik reports.

The Mitto MJFreeway plugin allows users to pipe the data from any chart or table in an MJ Freeway (Qlik) report.

Mitto credentials

Mitto needs the following information to pipe data from MJ Freeway.

  • Facility
  • App UUID
  • Object ID

MJ Freeway steps

Log into the MJ Freeway Platform: https://mjplatform.com

Choose a Facility.

Mitto will need the name of the facility when using the MJ Freeway plugin.

Click on Reporting.

Navigate to the dashboard you want to export data from. This step depends on your suite of dashboards and reports.

Right click on any chart or table and click </> Embed Chart.

A modal appears with information on embedding the chart.

At the bottom of the modal is a section called "Iframe to embed in your web page". Within the code find the appid and the obj values.

Mitto requires both the appid and the obj when creating a job using the MJ Freeway plugin.

Mitto steps

Click +Add Job.

Choose "MJ Freeway".

Fill in the form.

  • Facility - This is the facility you chose on the MJ Freeway side before you picked any specific dashboard/report.
  • Report Name - This is what you are calling the report. This name will be used in the resulting Mitto job name.
  • App UUID - This is the appid value from MJ Freeway (Qlik). This is found in the URL of any MJ Freeway (Qlik) report or from the embed code of any object.
  • Object ID - This is the obj value from the specific object in the MJ Freeway report Mitto will be piping data from. This is found in the embed code.

Click Next.

Fill in the form.

  • Title - This is the resulting Mitto job's title.
  • Schema - This is the destination database schema.
  • Table - This is the destination database table.
  • Database URL - This is the URL of the database in which to create this table. Leave this as is if using Mitto's PostgreSQL database.

Click Done.