MariaDB can either be used as a data source or a data destination in Mitto.

Mitto and MariaDB

Source plugin example: Query

Destination plugin examples: CSV, Salesforce, SQL

MariaDB as a data destination

  • Mitto automatically creates the MariaDB database if it doesn't exist
  • Mitto automatically creates the MariaDB database tables if they don't exist
  • Mitto automatically determines data types for MariaDB columns
  • Mitto automatically adds new columns to MariaDB tables based on new fields in source systems

MariaDB specific setup

Below is the database url structure for connecting to a MariaDB database:


Here's an example of using a MariaDB database as a destination in a CSV job:

NOTE: When outputting to a MariaDB database, leave "Schema" blank and append the database name to the end of the output database URL.


Mitto can send SQL statements to a MariaDB database. Use MariaDB syntax in these Mitto SQL jobs.