The Google Sheets plugin enables Mitto to pipe data from Google Sheets and store the data in a database.

Steps to create a Google Sheets job in Mitto

Click +Add Job.

Choose Google Sheets.

The Google Sheets plugin uses Google for authorization.

Click Next.

Choose the Google account you want to use with Mitto.

Click Allow to authorize Mitto to connect to your Google Sheets.

Select a Google sheet and click Next.

Select the Sheet Tab from the Google Sheet.

If you only want to pull specific cells in a tab in a Google Sheet, click Advanced.

Fill in the Range. Documentation from Google Sheets on A1 notation here.

Click Next.

This part of the Google Sheets plugin wizard allows you to adjust field names and data types. Typically you will just be clicking through this page and leaving everything as is.

Click Next.

Fill in the Specify the output form.

  • Title - The title of the resulting Mitto job.
  • Type - The destination database for this table. If using Mitto's PostgreSQL database, leave this as Local Database
  • Schema - The database schema the table will be created in.
  • Table - The database table the job will be creating.

Click Save.