Download files using curl ("command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs").

curl documentation here.

Mitto Steps

Create a job using the "File Download" plugin:

Default job setup

URL to download

Put in the URL of the file you wish to download.

curl Arguments

Click "Advanced" to add curl arguments.

These are the default arguments:

-s -b /tmp/cookies -L -O -f

You can add to these arguments as necessary.

Downloaded file location

The file you download ends up in Mitto's file manager.

File naming

By default, Mitto uses the -O flag which will create a file in Mitto using the file name of the source file. If you would like to rename the file, remove the -O flag and add -o {new name of file}.

For example, let's say you are downloading a file named daily.csv. Keeping the Mitto default would download the file and keep the same name. However, removing the -O flag and adding -o daily_metrics.csv would download the file and rename it to daily_metrics.csv.

Explanation of curl Arguments