Mitto allows you to create jobs that send an email with HTML/text body and with attachment(s) via an SMTP server.

This job type is available in Mitto 2.7+.


The following information is needed to create an SMTP job in Mitto.

  • Email account
  • Password
  • Email provider: Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Note: Gmail requires additional configuration. Please read more here.

Adding your email credentials

In your Mitto in the menu on the left select "Credentials". On the Credentials page select "Add Credentials".

Fill out the wizard with a credential name and your email and password like this:

credential wizard

You will use the "Credential Name" in the next step.

Create an Email Job

Use the Generic plugin to create a custom IO job.

Set the type to email.

Use the job config below as a template:

  "attachments": [
  "credentials": " email",
  "html": "<h1>This is a test email...</h1>",
  "mail_bcc": [],
  "mail_cc": [],
  "mail_from": "",
  "mail_subject": "Subject of the Email",
  "mail_to": [
  "port": 587,
  "require_tls": true,
  "server": "",
  "text": "This is a test email..."
  • attachments: you can attach multiple files here. Files on the file page are located at /var/mitto/data/
  • credentials: This is the "Credential Name" from the previous step.
  • mail from: your email address.
  • mail to: you can include multiple recipients.
  • server: the smtp server you're using. For example, for Outlook.

Click "Done" to save the job.

Send an Email

To send an email click the "Start" button at the top of the job page.