Mitto allows you to grab files from UNREAD email attachments and download them to Mitto's file manager.

The files can then be used in subsequent jobs (CSV, Excel, JSON, etc) to create the database tables.


The following information is needed to create an IMAP job in Mitto.

  • Email account
  • Password
  • Email provider: Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Create an IMAP Job

Click on + Add in bottom left screen.

Choose "imap"

imap wizard icon
imap wizard icon

Fill out the form. Configuration options are described below.

imap wizard screen 1
imap wizard screen 1

Select "Next", then give the job a name and click "Done" to create the job.

Configuration Options


  • This is the IMAP server.
  • Gmail =
  • Outlook =



  • This is the folder location of the emails.
  • This is case insensitive.
  • Removing this key/value pair or using inbox means you are looking at files in the inbox.
  • In order to look at lower level folders use quotes and forward slashes to separate the nested folders. Example (see image below)


  • This is how Mitto will name the output file in the file manager.
  • {safe_root} represents the original file name.
  • {ext} represents the original file extension.
  • You can alter the file name by adding text (Example activity_visits_{safe_root}.{ext}) and/or datetime attributes (Example {safe_root}_{year}{month:02d}{day:02d}.{ext}).
  • Leave the file names unchanged by removing this key/value pair or using {safe_root}.{ext}

Example Job Config

    "credentials": "Credential Name",
    "filename_format": "{safe_root}.{ext}",
    "label": "path/to/folder",
    "server": ""

Gmail specifics:

Note: As of  May 2022, "Less Secure App" access is no longer an option for free Gmail accounts. It is recommended that users leverage a different email server unless a paid Google Workspace Gmail account is available.

There are a few settings that need to be enabled on the Gmail side.

IMAP Access must have "Enable IMAP" selected. Details here.

Less secure app access must be turned ON. Security details can be found here.