Data security

How is data transmitted to and through Mitto?

Mitto is able to pipe data from external APIs, databases, and flat files.

  • APIs - REST or SOAP based APIs are the most common and they use standard SSL encryption for traffic (e.g. Salesforce, Netsuite, etc.)
  • Databases - When Mitto pipes data from or to an external database, Mitto leverages the security of the driver provided by the database vendor. Mitto can be configured to use SSL if the external database supports it.
  • Flat Files - Flat files can be transferred to Mitto in any number of ways (via HTTPS in the UI, via FTP/sFTP, rclone, etc).

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How is data stored in Mitto?

Data is stored internally in one of two cases:

  • For all Mitto deployments, named credentials are encrypted at rest.
  • For self-hosted deployments, customers can deploy Mitto where all data is encrypted at rest.