Jobs are the core components of Mitto. Essentially, Mitto is a collection of jobs with each job performing a specific set of functions.

Jobs can be run, scheduled, sequenced, tagged, searched for, etc. Basically every part of Mitto touches a job in some way.

There are many different types of jobs. A few of the major types are listed below:


A sequence is a specific type of job that combines one or more jobs together. Sequences organize and run jobs in series together.

The Graph in Mitto shows the relationship of jobs and sequences.


Plugins create all the jobs in Mitto.

One of the core features of Mitto is that it is extensible. New plugins can be created to extend the capabilities of Mitto and the use cases that can be solved.

Examples of plugins include:

  • Query - Creates jobs that pipe data from databases.
  • SQL - Creates jobs that transform data using SQL.
  • Salesforce - Creates jobs that pipe data from Salesforce.