Amazon Redshift can either be used as a data source or a data destination in Mitto.

Mitto and Amazon Redshift

Source plugin example: Query

Destination plugin examples: CSV, Salesforce, SQL

Amazon Redshift as a data destination

  • Mitto automatically creates the Amazon Redshift database schema if it doesn't exist
  • Mitto automatically creates the Amazon Redshift database tables if they don't exist
  • Mitto automatically determines data types for Amazon Redshift columns
  • Mitto automatically adds new columns to Amazon Redshift tables based on new fields in source systems
  • Mitto automatically adjusts Amazon Redshift tables based on changes in source data

Amazon Redshift specific setup

Below is the database url structure for connecting to a Amazon Redshift database:


Here's an example of using an Amazon Redshift database as a destination in a CSV job:

NOTE: When outputting to an Amazon Redshift database, leaving the "Schema" blank will create a table in the public schema.

AWS IAM and S3 setup

Mitto uses COPY when using Amazon Redshift as a data destination. COPY requires additional AWS IAM and S3 credentials:

  • S3 access key
  • S3 secret key
  • S3 bucket

Mitto requires an AWS IAM user with Programmatic access for the access key and secret key.

Here is an example S3 policy that can be attached to the AWS IAM user:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Action": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Resource": [

Replace bucket.name.zuar.com with the name of the S3 bucket Mitto will use for data transfer.

Example IO Job Output

"output": {
        "dbo": "redshift+psycopg2://{username}:{password}@{host}:5439/{database}",
        "s3_access_key": "{access_key}",
        "s3_secret_key": "{secret_key}",
        "bucket": "{bucket}",
        "schema": "{schema}",
        "tablename": "{tablename}",
        "use": "call:mitto.iov2.db#todb"

Replace {values} with your specific values without { }.


Mitto can send SQL statements to an Amazon Redshift database. Use Amazon Redshift syntax in these Mitto SQL jobs.

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