The Amazon Advertising API plugin enables Mitto to pipe data from your Amazon Advertising account and store the data in a database.  This page describes the steps necessary to use the plugin's wizard to configure the plugin and create jobs to collect data.  

Additional detailed Mitto API documentation on the Amazon Advertising API plugin can be found here.

One-time Setup

Before the plugin's wizard can be used to create jobs to collect data, some initial setup must take place within the customer's Amazon Advertising account.  This setup activity ultimately produces a "refresh token", which is one of the credentials necessary for the plugin to obtain data from the account.  The one-time setup process is documented in detail here.

Please consult with your Zuar representative prior to performing any of the one-time setup steps.

Steps to create Amazon Advertising jobs in Mitto

Note: You must complete these steps once for each profile from which you wish to collect data.

Click +Add Job.

Choose Amazon Advertising.

If you have never used the plugin before, you must provide your Amazon Advertising API credentials on this page.  If you previously saved named credentials for use with the Amazon Advertising API, you may choose to use those instead.

Provide credentials now

Provide your credentials.

Click Next.

Use previously saved named credentials

Set Source of Credentials to Existing named credential in the pulldown.

Under Existing named credentials, choose the named credentials to be used.

Click Next.

Choose the desired profile from the pulldown containing all profiles available to the credentials.

Click Next.

A list containing all of the jobs that will be created will appear.

Select one or more jobs that you wish to enable in the chosen profile's sequence.

Click Next.

Job Title Prefix is a prefix that is prepended to the title of each job that will be created.

If you wish to use a custom database URI, uncheck the Use default database URI checkbox and provide the custom URI.

Click Done.

When you click Done, the following takes place:

  • If you provided credentials, they will be saved.
  • All of the jobs will be created.
  • A sequence for the chosen profile will be created; the jobs selected earlier will be enabled and the jobs that were unselected will be disabled.
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