The Site Theme includes all site wide theme settings (e.g. text colors, heading size, etc). It also includes the Font settings for the site, the site Favicon, and any custom CSS rules. These settings and styles are applied to every page of the site. CSS in the Portal is truly cascading, so CSS applied to a page, or to an individual block will overwrite CSS at a higher level (e.g. site).

How do I get to the Themes?

You can get to the Themes in a couple ways.

If you are on a page in the Portal, open the context menu and click Themes.

If you are on the admin page, click Themes in the menu.

With any of the existing themes you have several options.

  • Apply - Apply this theme to the Portal
  • Edit - Edit the theme
  • Duplicate - Duplicate the theme
  • Delete - Delete the the theme

Duplicating a theme

When you first start to theme your site you'll want to make a copy of the default theme using the 'Duplicate Theme' link at the bottom of the editor. This way you can make changes to the theme and save them as your own. If you ever need to switch back to the default theme, it will still be in the themes list.