The Settings admin section contains user information, system information, settings, and system variables.

User Information

Information about your user account is shown here:

  • User ID
  • Username
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Site Role
  • Groups

Depending on the authentication method, different information will be filled out here.

System Information

Connected application information is shown here:

  • Database URL - The database being used for data sources in the Portal
  • Tableau Server - Tableau Server/Online URL (if Tableau is configured)
  • Tableau Site - Tableau Server/Online site (if Tableau is configured)
  • Tableau API Version - Tableau Server/Online API version (if Tableau is configured)


In addition to setting the default page on the Page Admin section of the admin console, you can set the default page of the Portal here as well.

System Variables

A list of properties and values related to system variables. There are admin UI elements for controlling these existing variables (theme_id and default_dashboard).