Add any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content into the Portal with an HTML block.

The content that can be made with this block type is incredibly diverse.

Common HTML block examples:

  • Custom navigation menus
  • Multimedia (images, video, audio, PDFs, etc)
  • Embedding other websites / applications via embed codes
  • Data driven templates (using HTML block query + AngularJS)

Add HTML Block

This block type can be added to a grid on a page via the edit menu, control panel, or admin console.


  • Block Name - Name of the block.
  • HTML Code - Type any HTML and JavaScript code.
  • Isolated - Check this box if you need to bring in external JavaScript libraries. The block needs to be isolated into an iframe so that there are no conflicts with the Portals JavaScript libraries.

Query Tab

This block type can use the results from a data source query. Learn more about block query.


This block type can be styled with CSS. Learn more about block CSS.

Preview Tab

This block type can be previewed. Learn more about block preview.