Content Grid

The Content Grid is the Grid that holds the main content for a given Page. The Blocks placed in the Content Grid are specific to the Page you are on.

Template Grids

Template Grids are reused across each Page. There are Template Grids for each of the sections in a Template other than the Content Grid. The header, sidebar, and footer sections are all Template Grids. When you edit the Blocks in a Template Grid, the same changes will be applied to that Template Grid on all other Pages as well.

Editing a Grid

A Grid can be sized using either pixels or percentages. This allows for both fixed-width (pixels) and responsive (percent) layouts.

Grid Size Unit: percent

Grid Size Unit: pixels

Blocks snap to the grid, so the Grid Cell Size determines the precision to which you can position blocks on the page.

Grid Cell Size: 25px

Grid Cell Size: 5px