Block Types

Chart Blocks

  • Charts - Many different chart types (such as Bar, Time Series, and Pie Charts) have their own specific Block. Other types can be specified using amChart configuration settings.

Filter Blocks

  • Multi and Single Select Filters - Filter Blocks are a powerful way for users to filter Data Sources and therefore other Blocks on the Page.

Content Blocks

  • Data Table - An HTML table backed by your data so you can quickly browse, filter, and explore.
  • Tableau Dashboard - Easily embed Tableau dashboard content by simply copying and pasting a URL.
  • HTML - A versatile Block for displaying HTML content. May also contain JavaScript inside <script> tags.
  • Markdown - A simple Block for displaying Markdown content.

System Blocks

  • System - Blocks for Refresh, Page Navigation, Applied Filters List, User Menu, and Page Share