How to develop a modern data strategy with Netsuite (or any other cloud-based toolset) & Tableau.

When: September 6th from 11:00am - 12:00pm CST.

Description: This webinar will focus on a simple but powerful data strategy that will enable small and medium sized businesses to quickly deploy a suite of rich, automated dashboards. Though the webinar will focus on NetSuite + Tableau as a central case study, the information and strategies presented will be useful no matter what tool-suite is being employed by your business. What to expect:

  • - Ways to identify barriers to entry.
  • - Ways to identify data opportunities within your business.
  • - Implementation strategies.
  • - How to establish a BI Roadmap.
  • - Live Q&A to ask questions unique to your business.
  • - Action Items to quickly begin transforming your business.

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*Resource Guide

In our experience, most people are lacking clarity and need a way to be more prepared before implementing a full scale business intelligence solution. This resource guide offers the top thinking points and preparation items that will lead to more fruitful data conversations, setting the stage for a modern data strategy.

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Joel Stellner, CEO of Zuar Inc.

Joel Stellner is a data engineer, analyst, and trainer with over 5 years of industry experience. Joel has helped companies of all sizes implement modern data strategies. He worked at Tableau Software, Inc. before founding, LLC in 2015 and then co-founding Zuar, Inc. in 2018. Joel's formula for successful data implementations revolves around leveraging the speed and agility of modern tools like Tableau. His mode of delivery provides rapid value through every phase of a customer's business intelligence journey.

Joel Stellner

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