NetSuite Data in Tableau

Cloud Analytics: How to Make Your NetSuite Data Work for You!


If your business runs on Netsuite and you're manually exporting data to create static reports, the struggle is real.

Learn how Doug Stockham, President of the Emergency Assistance Foundation, was able to keep up with a rising analytics demand by leveraging Zuar's end-to-end, NetSuite + Tableau solution. In two weeks, his business went from manual, static reporting to fully automated, cloud-based analytics.

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5 Ways to Empower your Brand with Analytics


In this webinar, we’ll discuss five ways that you can empower your brand with analytics. After thirty minutes, you’ll walk away with a practical plan to help your organization: (1) Change your mindset about what you offer and how/if you charge, (2) Enable customer conversations with interactivity, (3) Utilize the psychology of design to tell a data story, (4) Keep your analytics offerings on brand, (5) Protect your IP.

Every registrant will receive access to an extended proof of concept that includes: content assessment, example portal with your branding to share with clients, and trial of Tableau.

Data Strategy Webinar

How to develop a modern data strategy with Netsuite (or any other cloud-based toolset) & Tableau.


This webinar will focus on a simple but powerful data strategy that will enable small and medium sized businesses to quickly deploy a suite of rich, automated dashboards. Though the webinar will focus on NetSuite + Tableau as a central case study, the information and strategies presented will be useful no matter what tool-suite is being employed by your business.

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