The HubSpot plugin enables Zuar Runner to pipe data from HubSpot and store the data in a database.

Hubspot Zuar Runner Connection


The HubSpot API requires a Private App and an Access Token for authentication. Please see instructions from HubSpot for accessing your Access Token here.

Steps to create HubSpot Jobs in Zuar Runner

Select Add Job at the bottom left of Zuar Runner. Select HubSpot CRM from the list of plugins.

Hubspot Zuar Runner Icon

From the SOURCE OF CREDENTIALS, select Provide credentials now, to be saved under Credential Name and input your HubSpot Access Token in the ACCESS TOKEN box. Click Next. Zuar Runner will use the token to authenticate with you Hubspot app.

Hubspot Token Input

On the next screen, specify the output of your data.

  • Title: The name of the sequence that will store all of your Hubspot jobs.

  • Use Default Database URI: Internal Zuar Runner PostgreSQL database. When unchecked, you have the ability to specify the database with a connection string of the destination database

  • Schema: Optional output schema in the database. Empty means default. After this, click DONE.

Hubspot Zuar Runner wizard output

Congratulations! You have just added HubSpot jobs to Zuar Runner. Next, you will want to run and schedule your newly created HubSpot sequence.