Amazon Advertising API


The Amazon Advertising API connector enables Zuar Runner to pipe data from your Amazon Advertising account and store the data in a database. This page describes the steps necessary to use the plugin’s wizard to configure the connector and create jobs to collect data.

Zuar Runner Amazon Advertising API data flow

Additional detailed Zuar Runner documentation on the Amazon Advertising API connector can be found here.

Initial Amazon Advertising Account Setup

Before the Zuar Runner wizard can be used to create jobs to collect data, initial configuration must be completed within your organization’s Amazon Advertising account. This configuration produces a “refresh token”, which is one of the credentials necessary for the connector to obtain data from Amazon.

The one-time setup process is documented in detail on this page..

Please contact Zuar before performing any of the initial Amazon Advertising configuration.

Create Amazon Advertising Jobs in Zuar Runner


You must complete these steps once for each Amazon Ads profile from which you wish to collect data.

  1. Login to Zuar Runner and click +ADD JOB from the left sidebar.

    Zuar Runner's Amazon Advertising wizard
  2. Choose Amazon Advertising.

  3. Provide Amazon Advertising Credentials:

    Amazon Advertising new/existing credentials drop-down
    • If you haven’t already saved Amazon Advertising Credentials in Zuar Runner, you must enter your Amazon Advertising API credentials on the wizard’s first page. To create new credentials, choose Credentials provided here and saved under Credential Name from the drop-down and enter the Client ID and Client Secret.

      Create new saved credentials
    • If you’ve previously saved credentials, choose Existing named credential and then choose your Amazon Advertising credentials.

      Use existing save credentials
  4. Click Next.


    Obtain auth code
  6. A new browser window or tab will open which may require signing into your Amazon Advertising account. Once authorized you will be asked to allow API access. Choose Allow.

    Choose Allow
  7. Once Amazon displays the authorization code, copy it to your clipboard or a temporary storage location.

    Copy authorization code using the clipboard icon
  8. Back in Zuar Runner’s wizard, paste the code you just obtained from Amazon’s site into the AUTHENTICATION CODE field.

    Paste code into the AUTHENTICATION CODE field
  9. Click Next.

  10. Choose the desired profile from the drop-down which contains all profiles available to the Amazon credentials you supplied at the start of the wizard.

    Choose the profile from drop-down
  11. Click Next.

  12. A list of all Zuar Runner jobs that will be created by the wizard appears. Select one or more jobs you wish to enable in the chosen profile’s Zuar Runner sequence. (Hint: select multiple items from the list by holding down Ctrl in Windows or Command in macOS.)

    Alt text
  13. Click Next.

  14. Specify where the Zuar Runner jobs created by the wizard will output data and other options, which are explained below.

    Alt text
    • Job Title Prefix: a prefix that is prepended to the title of each job that will be created. Default: Amazon Advertising.

    • Use default database URI: when this option is checked, the data obtained from Amazon is stored in Zuar Runner’s internal PostgreSQL database. Uncheck it to display a field which can be used to specify an alternative database connection string (URI).

    • Start job on save: check this option to immediately execute the enabled Zuar Runner jobs created by the wizard. Leave it unchecked to manually start the jobs later.

  15. Click Done.

    When you click Done, the following takes place:

    • If you provided credentials, they will be saved.

    • All jobs will be created.

    • A sequence for the chosen profile will be created; the jobs you selected in the wizard will be enabled. Non-selected jobs will be disabled. If you run the Zuar Runner sequence it will only run enabled jobs. You can edit each job to enable/disable it.