Hosting & Tech Specs

Below are the hosting options (Zuar hosted or self hosted) and system requirements for Zuar Runner.


Zuar Hosted Runner

Server hosted by Zuar in AWS or Digital Ocean. Specifications about your deployment can be found on the Zuar Runner settings page.

Two factor authentication:

  • Username and password - Zuar Runner UI and database

  • IP Whitelist - Zuar whitelists users’ IP addresses

Self Hosted Runner

Server hosted by the customer in their public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc), private cloud, or on-premise.

Zuar needs network access to the Zuar Runner instance. Zuar Runner itself needs network access to the destination database (if not using Zuar Runner’s internal PostgreSQL):

  • HTTP/HTTPS (80, 443)

  • PostgreSQL (5432) (and destination database’s port)

  • SSH (22) - Zuar needs root access to the Ubuntu box to install, upgrade, and support Zuar Runner.

  • FTP (20/21) Optional

  • Passive FTP (40000-40100) Optional

In addition, if you output to a db on another server, you might consider opening these same ports on that server and in any firewalls between your Zuar Runner instance and that server.

Lastly, after the installation is complete, a hostname/domain name and SSL certificate will need to be assigned to the Zuar Runner instance.

  1. Once the desired hostname/domain name has been acquired, create an ANAME record that points to Zuar Runner’s IP.

  2. Create an SSL certificate and add it the Zuar Runner deployment. Contact Zuar support for additional guidance on how to add or renew the certificate if necessary.

Tech Specs


Zuar Runner can be scaled according to data volumes and use cases.

Please provide a clean server without any other applications installed. Zuar Runner will install the applications it needs to run. Root access is required for installation.

Server Minimum Requirements



Operating System

Ubuntu 22.04


2 Core


4 GB


80 GB

Amazon AWS EC2 equivalent: t2.medium


Zuar Runner’s internal database is PostgreSQL 13.2.

A standard Zuar Runner deployment uses this PostgreSQL database as the analytics database for the customer.

Zuar Runner can pipe data into the customer’s desired database technology (cloud or on-premise). If the customer wants Zuar to host a different database technology than the internal PostgreSQL database, the cost is added to the Zuar Runner subscription.