TC18 is right around the corner and many are asking why they should consider attending.  I hope to provide you with some answers below...

Being such avid supports of Tableau, our team is eager to make the yearly homage. Last year was our largest attendance to date and the benefits were immeasurable. Here is a list of our top reasons to attend TC 18:

1. Exposure & Learning

This one may be pretty obvious, but one of the greatest benefits of attending the yearly conference is exposure to immense amounts of content & training. Whether you are brand new, have an area of specialty, or would like to learn about advanced topics, there will be sessions for you. If you aim to learn something new and make an effort to attend the sessions, you are guaranteed to walk away a better tableau user.

2. Inspiration

At TC18 you will be surrounded by data gurus, researchers, visualization specialists, and thought leaders. Maybe you’ve been tasked with a tableau project or you're simply building new dashboards for your organization. Sometimes, when in the thick of it, inspiration can dwindle. TC18 will expose you to things that you never thought possible. Even better is that people are often happy to show you how it’s done. This can be totally rejuvenating and spark that inspiration needed to get your next project accomplished.

3. Connections

I hear many people say (even I’ve said this before) that one of the best things about higher educational experiences like college, were the connections. Well, this is also true about TC18. The difference is that you don’t have to take out a mortgage to fund the experience. At TC18 you will be connected to data people from all industries and walks of life. It’s almost impossible not to share ideas, which can sometimes lead to long-term connections for you or your business.

4. Advice from the Experts

Are you working on a project that you feel could benefit from a second set of opinions? What if those opinions were from experts in the field? Sometimes we may feel trapped on an island when attempting to solve complex use cases and our only means of support is sir google. At TC18 you will have the opportunity to receive live support from the Tableau experts.

5. Training & Certs

Ready to up your salary or improve your resume for one of the hottest growing job markets in the country? TC18 offers all the certification classes, which can lead to more fruitful data opportunities in your future. Don’t sleep on this one…

6. Customer Stories

Human beings undeniably learn through observation. This is true for behavior and for Tableau. It’s nice to hear about other people’s experiences and you may even be able to find a mentor who did to their business what you are trying to do to yours. TC18 will offer ample opportunities to hear live customer stories, allowing time for Q&A.

7. Partners & New Technology

Lastly (one of the reasons Zuar attends TC every year), don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about new software and services. Many partners provide new and insightful ways to enhance the Tableau experience. This is what we are doing with Mitto! Tableau’s partner network is blowing up. Keep an eye out for new and improved technologies that may make your life easier and more enjoyable.

We always love meeting up with our fans and customers at Tableau Conference, even if it’s just to lounge. We will be there in full force this year. If you’re looking for a familiar face to guide you through the vast amounts of opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always looking to talk about tableau, data, stories, and pet dogs.