Visit the Zuar booth to learn how you can turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Sponsoring Tableau Conference

Zuar will be a sponsor at this years Tableau Conference! What does this mean for you? Simply put, we will be providing live workshops to show you how to leverage our solutions to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

At TC19 in Las Vegas, we will be focusing on:

  • Same Day Portals
  • Embedding Tableau
  • Data Staging & Automation
  • Tableau Help

If you are interested in any of the above topics, sign up for 1:1 time or just come by our booth (Booth K23)!

What is a Same Day Portal?

Zuar portals are a customizable web application for Tableau Dashboards. Zuar portals make it easy to secure and brand your Tableau deployment.

At TC19 we will be demoing our Tableau Portal solution. We will show you the speed and power of our portals with live examples. We will even be ready to spin up a free trial of your own portal, Same Day!

Why do you need a portal?

There are numerous advantages to using a Zuar portal. Here are a few of them:

  • Improve the impact of your visual analytics, your competence, and your brand by implementing a white labeled, data visualization application.
  • Re-brand and customize the experience of your Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
  • Create a unique, single sign-on experience for your organization or your clients.
  • Access your insights anytime, from anywhere with the included Tableau reverse proxy authentication system.
  • Stand your portal up in a day and leave the maintenance to us, saving your business valuable development resources.

If you aren't attending TC19 or would like to get the ball rolling sooner, contact us today and we will have a portal ready same day!

What is Embedded Analytics?

The concept of embedded analytics is the ability to take Tableau Dashboards and embed them into any solution so that you can brand and white label your visual analytics. Zuar is on the mission to enable your ability to embed anything.

Some common examples:

  • Taking sales dashboards created in Tableau and embedding them into Salesforce so that your team has total visibility.
  • Visualizing survey data collected by your company and embedding the dashboards into your website for public use.
  • Visualizing HR data and embedding dashboards into your intranet to improve hiring, promotions, and business growth.
  • Visualizing the data generated by your successful marketing strategy and embedding the dashboards into your solution to share those results with your clients.

What if you can't embed into your application but still want everything in one place?

Zuar Portals is the answer. Through custom development, a Zuar Portal has the ability to enable a secure, single sign-on, custom branded experience with all of your applications in one place. Quickly and easily build a home-grown visual analytics web application from scratch by using our drag & drop web editor. Continue to add integrations and customize your portal as your company grows. Leverage REST and JS APIs for advanced functionality.

Building a portal with the drag & drop web editor

What is Data Staging?

In short, Data Staging is the process of preparing your data so that it can be used as a tool for insights & analytics. Steps in the data staging process often include:

  1. Connecting to a data source, database, software, etc.
  2. Moving that data to a secure & performant storage destination
  3. Modeling or running transformations that change the structure of your data to improve analytical capabilities
  4. Automating the entire process

This process, sometimes known as ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) is the bread and butter of Zuar's data staging solution, Mitto. We've built integrations to a variety of data sources to allow for data extraction. Choose your own database solution or use Mitto's built in PostgreSQL database. Run transformation jobs on your data to model it for analytics. Once you've got your data ready for analysis, automate the entire process.

Sign up for TC booth time so that we can evaluate your current data practice, answer questions,  and help you set up strategy for success.

If you'd like to learn more, receive a demo or free trial of Mitto before TC19, contact us!

Do you need Tableau Help?

Zuar's deployment team is here to answer all of your Tableau questions. Did you know that Zuar started out as a Tableau consultancy? With years of experience, we have some of the industries best consultants to help with your Tableau Deployment. We have a team of professionally certified Tableau consultants that can help with Data strategy, Tableau Dashboard Development, Tableau Server Deployment, and Data Engineering.

Come visit us at TC19 with Tableau questions!