Mitto 2.9 - New Features and Improvements

Extract, Load, and Transform your data with Mitto. Version 2.9 includes new features and greater functionality.

Mitto 2.9 - New Features and Improvements

Zuar has released version 2.9 of Mitto!

The newest release is here! Mitto's getting better, with more features and greater functionality.

If Zuar hosts your Mitto deployment, then you should already be upgraded. If you host your Mitto deployment on-site, you'll want to schedule a date for the upgrade HERE.

Below you can see the great improvements that you'll find in this update (plus, watch the overview webinar at the bottom of this post).

  • Expanded Global Search & Filtering for Jobs  >
  • Improved Presentation & Added Search Function for Files  >
  • Plugin Wizard Improvements  >
  • UI Improvements & Additions to the Jobs Page  >
  • UI Improvements & Additions to the Sequences Page  >
  • Admin Password Management Added  >
  • New Summary Metrics Displayed  >
  • Pipe data from MongoDB >
  • Pipe data from any database with a JDBC driver  >
  • Regex Job Logging Added  >
  • New IMAP Logging & File Support  >
  • Output to JSON & JSON Lines  >
  • Monitor System Resources on Your Mitto Host Machine  >
  • Make Inline Comments in Job Configs  >
  • Incorporate Database Credentials in Job Configs  >
  • Specify fields to include/exclude from an input  >
  • Upload, Download & Delete Files via Mitto’s REST API  >

We hope you enjoy the improvements we've put into Mitto.  Here are some further resources for Mitto:

Full Mitto 2.9 release notes

Mitto 2.9 Overview in the User Community

Mitto's help documentation

Watch a recording of the webinar we hosted, where we went over a majority of 2.9's improvements: