Mitto 2.8 - New Features and Improvements

Mitto 2.8 - New Features and Improvements

Zuar has released the latest version of Mitto - version 2.8!

We are incredibly excited about this release. If you are currently using Mitto and would like to schedule your upgrade, or if you are interested in seeing some of these features in action, please contact us!

Starting with Mitto 2.8, our development team has added autogenerated release notes. See the full list of Mitto release notes.

Release Themes

  • Enabling more data distribution use cases - With Mitto 2.8, users can automate the movement of files to and from Mitto or across remote systems with the new Rclone plugin. Users can also export CSV, Excel, and PDF files from Tableau Server/Online dashboards with the Export plugin and schedule emails containing those files from Tableau with the new Subscriptions plugin.
  • Broader database support - Mitto now supports Google BigQuery as a data source and data destination and Microsoft Access as a data source. Mitto 2.8 added additional database support for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, and MariaDB. Mitto jobs can also leverage the new Reflect Transform and mirror exact copies of source database tables without Mitto having to learn the data as it is piped (Mitto's default behavior).
  • New builtin and premium plugins - New base plugins: Microsoft Access, Rclone, Export, and Subscriptions. New premium plugins: Amazon Advertising, Amazon Vendor Central, Digital Ocean, Enquire CRM, Jira, and Treez.
  • Mitto UI usability improvements - With every release we continue to add usability improvements to the Mitto UI allowing for more self service and insight into the platform. Mitto now supports mobile devices. Mitto job wizards have been added for Command line, Excel, IMAP, and Rclone plugins. Sequences now include detailed underlying job information. Read more below to see many of the improvements across the Mitto UI in 2.8.

Enabling More Data Distribution Use Cases

Rclone Plugin

Rclone is a program that can be used to transfer files to and from more than forty different storage backends (e.g., Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint, SFTP, etc.).

The new Mitto Rclone plugin provides a new rclone wizard and job type. Mitto’s rclone job uses the rclone program to transfer files to and from the Mitto instance on which it runs or between two remote systems.

This plugin can be used to replace existing Mitto command line jobs that run rclone commands.

Learn more about the new Mitto Rclone plugin.

Export Plugin

The new Mitto Export plugin allows users to create jobs that download content from Tableau Server/Online. This content can be PDFs of Tableau dashboards or underlying data from those Tableau dashboards as CSV or Excel files.

Export jobs support passing URL parameters/filters to the Tableau content and impersonating users for row level security use cases.

Learn more about the new Mitto Export plugin.

Subscriptions Plugin

The new Mitto Subscriptions plugin combines the power of the Export plugin and the Email (SMTP) plugin. Users create subscription jobs that leverage a database table of subscriptions (user, content, schedule, and other settings). The jobs then send customized emails to people based on their specific subscription settings.

Learn more about the new Mitto Subscriptions plugin.

Broader Database Support

Google BigQuery

Mitto 2.8 now supports Google BigQuery as a data source and data destination. Anywhere you can interact with a database in Mitto you can leverage your investment in Google BigQuery.

As with all Mitto supported databases, when using Google BigQuery as a data destination, Mitto automatically

  • Creates Google BigQuery datasets if they don't exist
  • Creates Google BigQuery dataset tables if they don't exist
  • Determines data types for Google BigQuery columns
  • Adds new columns to Google BigQuery tables based on new fields in source systems
  • Adjusts Google BigQuery tables based on changes in source data

Learn more about Mitto and Google BigQuery.


Mitto added Snowflake as a data source and data destination in v2.7.

In Mitto 2.8, jobs that use Snowflake as a data destination (output) automatically use Snowflake best practices for bulk loading using COPY. Mitto creates flat files from the source (input), PUTs (uploads) those files into a Snowflake named internal stage, and then uses COPY INTO to create the database tables.

Mitto does all of this while also learning the source data so users can easily load data from any source into Snowflake without worrying about all the minor details (column names, data types, etc).

Learn more about Mitto and Snowflake.

Microsoft Access

In Mitto 2.8, Microsoft Access can be used as a data source for jobs. Use this plugin to migrate your legacy on-premise data into an analytics database in the cloud!

Mitto treats the Microsoft Access database as a flat file. Use the Rclone plugin to grab the Microsoft Access file from wherever it is stored and bring it into Mitto.

Learn more about Mitto and Microsoft Access.

MySQL and MariaDB

Mitto 2.8 brings MySQL and MariaDB database integrations to closer parity with all of the features of PostgreSQL (Mitto's built in database):

  • Creating schemas/databases when they don't already exist
  • Altering column data types when source data types change

Learn more about Mitto and MySQL and MariaDB.

Reflect Transform

The default behavior in Mitto is to learn the structure of data as it is piped. This is useful for data coming from APIs and flat files where there may not be a schema or data types.

However, when using databases as a source, as in Query jobs, Mitto can now leverage the source database table's schema. This is referred to as reflection. The result is that the output table can exactly mirror the input table with column names and data types.

Learn more about Mitto and the Reflect Transform.

New Premium Plugins

Below are the latest Mitto premium plugins released since the previous version of Mitto (2.7) was released.

  • Amazon Advertising
  • Amazon Vendor Central
  • Digital Ocean
  • Enquire CRM
  • Jira
  • Treez

Mitto UI Improvements

Below are some of the improvements we made to the Mitto UI in 2.8.

Mobile Devices

Mitto now supports mobile devices with the addition of a hamburger navigation menu. Now users can check the status of Mitto or run jobs while on the go or laying in bed!

Here is the Mitto UI on larger screen sizes:

Here is the Mitto UI on smaller screen sizes:

And here is the Mitto UI on smaller screen sizes with the hamburger menu opened:

New Plugin Wizards - Command line, Excel, IMAP

Mitto 2.8 adds a wizard for the Command line plugin, Excel plugin, and IMAP plugin.

Command line plugin wizard example:

Excel plugin wizard example:

IMAP plugin wizard example:

The IMAP plugin also now uses credentials which were added in Mitto 2.7.

Sequences - Job Details

In Mitto, 2.8 we greatly improved the information displayed on any individual sequence's page.

In prior versions of Mitto, the list of jobs in a sequence looked like this:

The only information given to the user was the name of the job and whether it is enabled in the sequence or not.

Now in Mitto 2.8, users see the same information about each job in a sequence as they do on the main jobs page:

Most importantly they see attributes like status and last completed. This allows users to easily understand what's going on inside of a sequence and troubleshoot if a sequence fails.

Sequences - Pagination for Jobs

Another sequence related improvement in Mitto 2.8 is the addition of job pagination when adding jobs to a sequence.

Over time, more and more jobs are created in Mitto, and this improvement greatly speeds up the editing of sequences.

Jobs - Search Case Insensitive

In Mitto 2.8, we improved the job search functionality by making the search case insensitive.

Previously if you searched for "jira" for example, you wouldn't see all the jobs named/titled with jira (e.g. JIRA, Jira, etc). Now all those jobs are returned by the search.

Generic Plugin - Job Type

Mitto 2.7 added the Generic plugin for creating custom jobs. In Mitto, 2.8 we added the job Type to the plugin wizard. This allows users to define the type of job as it is being created, rather than editing the job after the fact.

Browser Title Includes Hostname

In Mitto 2.8, the browser tab for the Mitto UI includes the hostname of the Mitto instance. This is a small improvement, but very helpful for those of us who use many different Mitto instances throughout the day.

File Manager - Multi-select and Delete

Mitto 2.8, adds multi-select and delete for files in the file manager. This is huge for users with heavy file based use cases.

Mitto also now includes the file name(s) in the delete modal:

Credentials - Additional Credential Types

Mitto 2.7 introduced the credentials feature, but only included the basic (username/password) credential type. Mitto 2.8 adds more credential types (generic and rclone for ftp/sftp) and more plugins that use credentials (e.g. Rclone, IMAP, etc).

Generic credentials example:

Rclone credentials example:

Credentials - Replace Existing Credentials

In Mitto 2.8, users can edit and replace existing credentials. The credentials are completely encrypted at rest and hidden from the user in the UI.

Swimlanes - Status Filter and Job Duration Tooltip

Mitto 2.8 adds filtering by job status (all, running, ok, failed) to the swimlanes page. This allows users to better understand jobs that have run in the specified time period. For example, filtering to jobs that failed in the last 24 hours.

Mitto 2.8 also improves the swimlanes tooltips by adding a job duration. Now you don't to mentally calculate how long a job ran!

History - Status Filter

Mitto 2.8 also adds filtering by job status (all, running, ok, failed) to the history page.

Webhooks - Enabled/Disabled Button

Webhooks were added in Mitto 2.7. One of the improvements that were asked for by users was to enable/disable a job's webhook instead of having to delete the webhook entirely if you wanted to turn it off. Mitto 2.8 added this improvement!

R - Installed by Default

Mitto 2.8 includes an installation of R by default. With the addition of the Command plugin wizard, users can easily automate their data science tasks with R scripts in Mitto!

Automate Bash, R, and Python scripts with Mitto
In this blog post, we will cover the Mitto command line job and then walkthrough examples of automating scripts from various languages: * Bash * R * Python Mitto command line jobsA powerful feature in Mitto is the ability to automate commands and scripts with command line jobs […

Database - Drill Down and Sort Table Columns

The database page in Mitto shows users any data they have stored in Mitto's internal PostgreSQL database. Users have always had the ability to drill down from schemas to tables to the data in a single table, but Mitto 2.8 actually tells you it's possible in the UI!

Once a user drills down to an individual table, they can now sort the columns ascending and descending in Mitto 2.8!

Upgrade or take a test drive!

We are incredibly excited about this release. If you are currently using Mitto and would like to schedule your upgrade, or if you are interested in seeing some of these features in action, please contact us!