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Release Notes: MIT - Version 2.8.6


issue summary
MIT-1924 Add ability to prevent writing header for tocsv()


issue summary
MIT-1925 Fix broken mariadb tests
MIT-1920 'SnowflakeDialect' object has no attribute 'default_schema_name'
MIT-1914 MaxTimestamp - add parameter to specify timestamp timezone, if one is not present
MIT-1907 The word "schedule" is misspelled as "shedule" on sequence page
MIT-1904 Plain-text credentials apparently encrypted at upgrade with default SECRET
MIT-1894 Redshift - Invalid argument(s) 's3_bucket','s3_access_key','s3_secret_key' sent to create_engine()
MIT-1884 MySQL - decimal(32,18) converting to decimal(10) with reflect transform
MIT-1814 Tableau Extract Jobs Failing only when started by scheduler
MIT-1804 Credentials - Credentials can be created without a name