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Release Notes - Mitto [MIT] - 2.8.4


issue summary
MIT-1887 Change default for active column of messages table to "true"
MIT-1886 update DEBIAN/opt/mitto/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
MIT-1885 Job schedule editing not working correctly

Manual Updgrade Steps

The changes for MIT-1789 required modifications to nginx.conf. Because nginx.conf is not automatically updated during an upgrade, it must be manually updated after running mitto upgrade. Once nginx.conf has been updated, waf must be restarted.

The following command can be run to determine if nginx.conf must be updated:

grep messages /opt/mitto/etc/nginx/nginx.conf >  /dev/null && \
     echo "upgrade not required" || echo "upgrade required"

If the command prints upgrade required, the update is required.

The following commands will apply the changes to an unmodified nginx.conf, saving the original as nginx.conf.orig, and restart waf:

$ sudo bash -c "sed -E -i.orig  's/\|v2/\|messages\|v2/' /opt/mitto/etc/nginx/nginx.conf"
$ sudo systemctl restart waf

To confirm that the changes were made, run the initial command a second time. If the update was successful, upgrade not required will be printed.