Mitto Job: Subscriptions


The subscriptions table contains defnitions of subscriptions to reports, including a schedule of when they should be created and emailed to their recipients.

The subscriptions job is run periodically. It syncs the subscriptions table with the subscriptions_status table. After syncing, the job inspects the schedules and runs any reports that are due to run.


For configuration information, see the job configuration documentation

    "subscriptions": {
    "subscriptions_input": {
        "dbo": "postgresql://localhost/mitto",
        "schema_name": "public",
        "table_name": "subscriptions"
    "subscription_status_input": {
        "dbo": "postgresql://localhost/mitto",
        "schema_name": "public",
        "table_name": "subscription_status"
    "report_specification": {
        "mail_subject": "Tableau report subscription: {view}",
        "mail_from": "",
        "mail_bcc": "",
        "mail_body": "Your scheduled report is attached.</br></br>",
        "report_name": "{safe_view}"
    "tabcmd_export": {
    "tabcmd": {
        "server": "",
        "site": "",
        "user": "username",
        "password": "password",
        "timeout": 300,
        "no_certcheck": true
    "smtp": {
        "server": "localhost",
        "port": 0,
        "require_tls": true
    "report_specifications": {
        "type": "json",
        "source": []